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This is now OFFICIALLY my blog dedicated to WRITING. Here you will find my poems, prose and verse, short stories and short ramblings... I also tend to reblog other writers work who write beautiful things and move me.
I enjoy being moved with words. Touched in away that hands and lips can't touch us. Spoken to in ways our ears and eyes can't comprehend.
I hope to do the same with my words.
Please read and enjoy.
Feedback is most welcome so feel free to ask and comment away :)
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a game of stark children not listening to their fucking mother

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So, cross ankled lay backs are something I learnt very early on in pole dancing and then one day… I just couldn’t do it anymore. Four months worth of frustration and training and it’s back. Thank fuck for that!


Daryl Feril

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Daryl Feril is a 24 year-old self taught illustrator & graphic designer from Bacolod City, Philippines. His style is a freestyle mix of edgy hand-drawn sketches, flowing lines, curves, blowing watercolor and digital. He loves drawing girls, typography & vector illustrations.

More shoulder mount progress!! Doing flips now init!