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This is now OFFICIALLY my blog dedicated to WRITING. Here you will find my poems, prose and verse, short stories and short ramblings... I also tend to reblog other writers work who write beautiful things and move me.
I enjoy being moved with words. Touched in away that hands and lips can't touch us. Spoken to in ways our ears and eyes can't comprehend.
I hope to do the same with my words.
Please read and enjoy.
Feedback is most welcome so feel free to ask and comment away :)
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So I’ve been starting to train for deadlifts. Have started with inverts and aerial inverts. This was the first attempt and I don’t think it’s too bad.
Uploading this because I always post successes. It’s important to remember how much hard work it takes to get there. I love pole training.

I think this is called Iguana Mount but I’m not entirely sure.
I tried this about a year ago and as soon as my feet came off the floor, my shoulders gave way and I just landed on my head.
So happy to have finally got over my fear! Just gotta hold it for longer now!

Shoulder mount is getting stronger and stronger every day. :D

I feel like I’m losing my mind.
And not in a fun, kooky kind of way.


Sometimes, doesn’t stuff just make you all, you know. .. like… ARRRGGHHHHHHH.


Photos all transferred to laptop, apps and contacts backed up onto iCloud. 
Why is it still so shitting hard to press that ‘restore iPhone’ button.

Two years of my godamn life on that phone, that’s why.