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Welcome, beautiful Tumblr followers.

This is now OFFICIALLY my blog dedicated to WRITING. Here you will find my poems, prose and verse, short stories and short ramblings... I also tend to reblog other writers work who write beautiful things and move me.
I enjoy being moved with words. Touched in away that hands and lips can't touch us. Spoken to in ways our ears and eyes can't comprehend.
I hope to do the same with my words.
Please read and enjoy.
Feedback is most welcome so feel free to ask and comment away :)
Thank you for following,
Miss Spiller x

Where for art thou conversation!?!

I’ve been very inactive on Tumblr for a long time. Mostly because there isn’t much interaction from followers, but I’m giving it one more shot…

So I’m going to upload some of my recent artwork and see what happens….

Colour version of my Eagle Girl.

Lately I have been pursuing my artistic creativity, the literary flow has become some what blocked.
This is my eagle warrior girl as I’ve been calling it. I did the plain pencil sketch a few days ago and last night recreated the whole image to add colour.
What do you think???


So a while back I created two new blogs. One for artwork and one for personal stuff. This hasn’t really worked well for me so I’m going to be deleting Nat-el-artista and veinsofmelodies.
I’m going to cease reblogging random crap from tv shows, films, photos of cats etc and will only be reblogging other peoples artwork or writing that I think is interesting and would like to spread the joy.
So thanks to those you did take up the following of my other blogs but spiller-muses is definitely where it is at from now on.
Thanks, and lots of love,
Miss Spiller


For such a massive Kate Winslet fan, I’m shocked I realise I’ve seen barely any of the movies she’s been in. So I have a cinema list to work through:
Labor Day
Movie 43
Mildred Pierce
Revolutionary Road
The Reader
The Holiday
All The King’s Men
Little Children
Romance and Cigarettes
Finding Neverland
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The Life of David Gale
Holy Smoke
Hideous Kinky