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This is now OFFICIALLY my blog dedicated to WRITING. Here you will find my poems, prose and verse, short stories and short ramblings... I also tend to reblog other writers work who write beautiful things and move me.
I enjoy being moved with words. Touched in away that hands and lips can't touch us. Spoken to in ways our ears and eyes can't comprehend.
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Sometimes, doesn’t stuff just make you all, you know. .. like… ARRRGGHHHHHHH.


Photos all transferred to laptop, apps and contacts backed up onto iCloud. 
Why is it still so shitting hard to press that ‘restore iPhone’ button.

Two years of my godamn life on that phone, that’s why.

I see word behind his eyes
Written in his irises
Plaguing his pupils.
He doesn’t want to share the words,
In fear of their meaning.
His soul full of doubt.
I spend my nights wrapped up with him
Warm in his arms
Safe near his heart.
His waking hours hold him hostage
Stealing his solace
Eating his joy.
He’s entwined with stories
Choking on problems
Spinning off track.
I would stand here forever
To shield him from spite
Hide him from greed.
But he’s the one with keys and locks
He holds answers ransom
Behind all his borders
In spiralling abyss I lose my sight
His face fades from memory.


So it turns out that even if I say no, if a company doesn’t like my answer, they’ll do it anyway. A big “fuck you” to poprageous, who I contacted last year, received a reply that essentially said “no I won’t pay you,” and then did it anyway 12 months later (I suppose she hoped I would forget about her?).

Before I replied to her first scummy email where she only says that she’d send me a FREE PAIR (oh WOW), I made a blog post

I had recently undergone other companies trying to do the same thing and her email reply to me was just nothing short of incredibly shitty. After seeing my post (which didn’t mention her company or anything) she thought it would be a good idea to send me an email trying to make ME feel bad that I didn’t just ASK for money for using my artwork. That it was on ME to ask about royalties, not about her fucking company to actually fairly pay artists or anything.

"I saw your post - what do u want to get paid? Let’s work out a royalty.  jeeeez all u had to do was ask."

Like seriously?

All I had to do was ask? That’s pretty hilarious, considering she asked, I said no, and she went ahead with it anyway.

Regardless, this is shit. Companies shouldn’t act like this. People using creator’s works just because they exist and feel like they should be able to is just absolutely bullshit.

The most appalling thing about this is seriously the fact that I said no and she did it anyway. I said no and she did it anyway.

This is how little most companies respect and regard artists. Thanks a lot, Cher Park.

Feel free to let her know that it’s not acceptable to pull this bullshit with her company email, - please don’t be rude or anything, but this is definitely not okay and she needs to not do this to other artists in the future.

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Troian Bellisario + her doing Aerial Silks

Reblog if you’ll PUBLICLY answer anything in your ask right now.

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TRIGGER WARNING (Rape): No such thing as asking for it.

Just reblogged a very interesting post about rape. Rape still seems to be viewed as a big taboo, it’s a dirty subject that no one really seems to want to deal with. The number of rapes that go unreported, the number of victims that believe it was their fault and the number of people out there that don’t know they are a rapist shocks me.

If a girl is barely dresssed, drunk as hell and flirty - she’s still not asking to be violated in the worst way possible.

If a girl is made to feel like they can’t say no by someone they love - it’s still rape and they are still not asking for it.

Having your trust, self-esteem and body invaded and violated by someone you love and care about, doesn’t make it any less rape. If they tell you it’s because they love you, IT IS STILL RAPE. 

Why is rape being made an issue to shove under the carpet? Look around you. The number of rape victims is alarming. You don’t know about it because these people are made to feel like it’s their fault, or they won’t be believed. And this sickens me. 

I know for a fact there is someone out there who is a rapist, but doesn’t knowit. I know he think it’s all okay because he doesn’t see it as rape. How many more like this are out there???